Home improvement tips: Bamboo flooring for a sustainable housing option

By the resi financial blog team, 11 April 2014

Bamboo flooring

Looking for a new flooring option for your home can be a challenging experience. After all, there are so many different options that you'll want to ensure you make the right choice. This isn't something you can change very often, so choosing something that can last for an extended period of time is a great choice. 

One interesting option gaining more traction among homes in Australia is bamboo floors. While this may not be the first choice considered by most, there are a wide range of benefits to choosing bamboo for your home. 

For one, it's an extremely sustainable flooring option. While trees take hundreds of years to be ready for flooring, bamboo grows in the comparatively short period of only three to five years. Furthermore, it doesn't require replanting to continue growing, helping to reduce the amount of green waste being created in the renovation process. If you're hoping to create a sustainable household, choosing a bamboo floor is a potentially great option. 

Furthermore, bamboo makes it easy to create a succinct, uniform look throughout your home. In a post on their housinglocal.com.au website, the Housing Industry Association said that unexpected changes in texture, colour or look can be extremely jarring. If you have to cover a large space, it's better to have it looking similar throughout. If you're worried about it looking boring, break the monotony up with well-placed rugs or decorative furniture. 

Finally, bamboo flooring is extremely easy to maintain. Simply using a damp mop will allow you to keep it clean and shiny. And in the event that the surface needs resurfacing, bamboo can be sanded down and then recoated in a finishing coat - making it look as fresh and shiny as new. 

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