Home renovation tips: 3 lawn-free garden ideas

By the resi financial blog team, 24 April 2014

lawn free garden ideas

The backyard can be turned into a key selling point for your property. Picture outdoor dining, water features or even patios made to be sunbathed on. But the backyard can also be a very high maintenance part of the home, which is when many people look toward performing home renovations to create an easy-care garden. 

Get creative with pavers

While grey pavers may appear to be a little drab at first sight, you can actually make them stand out and look better by the way you lay them down. Don't simply lay them in your backyard to fill up space - utilise some of your existing lawn to strike a balance between the green of the grass and the grey of the natural stone. 

You could even consider installing blocks of natural stone instead of pavers to give your backyard an earthy look. Again, don't be afraid to mix it up and fill in-between spaces with ground coverings such as grass, moss and colourful creepers. 

Raised garden beds

Instead of having a wide space of bare, plain lawn in your backyard, fill it up with colourful and organic raised garden beds. Organic edible gardens were recently identified as one of the key outdoor trends for 2014/15 by Adbri Masonry. The company's Brand Ambassador and Landscaping Expert Jason Hodges told Infolink in an April 10 article that these gardens are a hit for households looking to boost their health and well-being. 

He said that while many love to eat organic, they're also enjoying growing it in their own homes, too. Raised beds are an extremely popular option, especially for those who have limited space.

Decks for outdoor entertainment

Not only can decks help to take up space in the backyard, but they can create a great entertainment feature for your home, too. Use a wood stain that will complement the design of your home and find the right kind of outdoor furniture to suit. Decks are also perfect for those who enjoy al fresco dining, so getting a large table, BBQ and outdoor umbrella are three key items to buy!

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