Home renovations blog: Should you hire a tradie or do it yourself?

By the resi financial blog team, 17 April 2014

tradie versus DIY renovations

Real estate renovation is something that most people will want to undertake during their lifetime. Whether it's for their personal homes or sprucing up an investment for resale, there are a number of reasons why renovations could become an option on your horizon. However, when it comes to getting the most out of your property, it's good to know your limits. 

In a Sydney Morning Herald article from November last year, professional renovator Cherie Barber said that while most renovation jobs can be achieved by ordinary people, it's important to keep your means in mind and to account for all the steps involved with many renovation jobs. 

"You should only spend 10 per cent of your property value on a cosmetic renovation. Every dollar you spend over comes out of your profit margin," said Ms Barber in a November 28 article published on the Herald website. 

She went on to say you can save money by undertaking minor demolition jobs yourself, rather than relying on tradies. This extends to things like wallpaper removal, lifting floor coverings and take up tiles from the ground and the wall around your home. However, it is highly recommended you get electrical and plumbing work done by a professional. 

"I'm always an advocate for outsourcing work whenever possible, I've seen too many bad DIY jobs to know that a qualified tradie is sometimes the best investment," said Ms Barber. One of these jobs includes sanding down your home floors. If you're hoping to do this, it's better to enlist a professional to secure a great looking, polished floor for your home. 

Depending on your home renovation budget, use your common sense when it comes to undertaking DIY tasks yourself. Small tasks and many cosmetic changes could be done on your own. But with regards to saving money and ensuring safety, hiring a professional for some of the complicated tasks could be the best choice to make. 

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