Approach the property market with confidence with a home loan pre approval

By the resi financial blog team, 21 August 2013

Pre approved home loans

There are a number of different factors to consider when applying for a home loan, with one of the most important being to seek a pre approval for your mortgage.

Seeking a pre approval serves a number of purposes, but first and foremost is to help boost your confidence approaching the market.

Having the knowledge in the back of your mind that a lender has agreed to give you a certain amount towards your home loan can help you to focus your real estate search and give you the best opportunity to secure your dream property. 

Furthermore, getting a home loan pre approval means you can act without hesitation should the perfect opportunity arise. Rather than waste precious time going waiting for your loan to be approved, you can make a move with confidence and secure real estate with ease. 

This gives you more control over negotiating situations with vendors. Coming across with confidence shows that you're serious about purchasing property, which could give you the edge when the pressure sets in, and help you secure a better deal.

Because home loan pre approvals aren’t contractually-binding, there is no pressure whatsoever to act upon it at a whim either. The approvals last for three months, and can be renewed if you haven't found the perfect property by then - giving you complete control over your investment.

Furthermore, speaking to one of the home loan experts at resi will help you to understand the various home loan options available to you. They not only have access to some of the best fixed rates in Australia but also offer a high level of service support and will guide you towards long term financial security.

With your home loan option sorted and your pre approval organised, you'll be in the strongest position possible to attack the real estate market and acquire your dream home easily.

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