Home renovations blog: Make the ultimate guest bedroom in your house

By the resi financial blog team, 22 August 2014

Guest bedroom ideas

Creating the ultimate guest bedroom requires a combination of decoration and privacy, to give those staying in it a sense of belonging, whilst also providing a wonderful aesthetic to enjoy during the waking hours. As seen in a recent episode of The Block last week (August 17), guest bedrooms were a hot-topic and designing your own could be a pet project for your home - especially if you already have a spare bedroom to work with.

Here are some ideas to consider when looking into taking out a renovation loan and creating the ultimate guest bedroom in your home. 

Provide plenty of storage

One thing that shouldn't be skimped on is storage options for your guests and their belongings. Regardless of how short their stay may be, giving people the option to unload their bags into a wardrobe, drawers or other storage option will help to make them feel welcomed and at home. 

When choosing furnishings for the room, create a synchronisation between all the different options. Wardrobes that match the drawers that also tie in with the bed frame and everything in between will give a guest bedroom a sense of cohesion and harmony - rather than seeming like a last minute, thrown together collage. 

Take comfort to heart

Just because it's a guest room doesn't mean you should just deck the bed out with an old mattress, sheets and pillows. Take pride in your renovation and provide your guests with the best of the best. Giving them a great night's sleep and a comfortable stay will encourage them to come back - the ultimate compliment a home owner can receive. 

Provide adequate lighting

Finally, giving guests enough light is essential. Something as simple as providing lamps on both sides of the bed will do wonders for those interested in doing some reading before sleeping, while lights inside the wardrobe can help them with their dressing and preparation. It's the small touches that win over people over when it comes to a comfortable, accommodating guest bedroom. 

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