Home renovations blog: Two bathroom renovation ideas for your home

By the resi financial blog team, 18 August 2014

Bathroom ideas for your renovation

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in modern Australian homes, with every member of the family using it most days of the week. Just like the kitchen, with a wide range of different fixtures, there are a number of renovation ideas that can emphasise the space in your bathroom, and help you make it into the room you've always wanted. 

Here are some interesting tips to consider when looking into bathroom renovations:

Consider bold colours

One idea that has become a big trend is the use of multicoloured tiles throughout the space. Small mosaics and other installations in this style can look stunning when used sparingly, another option is the liberal use of big, bold colours throughout your bathroom. 

Whether you're interested in having one colour span the entirety of your wall, or two separate colours split half way - the bright reds, aqua blues and everything in between can look stunning on your walls, it all depends on your own preferences. 

Take care of your lighting

When it comes to choosing lighting options for your bathroom, it pays to investigate options that accentuate and emphasise your colour palate and existing fixtures. For example, if you apply make up in the bathroom, consider installing bright lights along the side of your mirror to help with illuminating your face. 

Furthermore, don't underestimate the beauty of natural light. Installing a skylight into your bathroom not only allows you to get the benefit of natural light without privacy concerns, but it can also help deal with condensation - allowing you to keep your bathroom healthy and free from moisture damage and mould.

These are just two different options to consider if you're looking into bathroom renovations. Get in touch with a professional designer to gain more specific insight and ideas for your home today. 

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