Property Market Information: Queensland's economic growth highlights potential

By the resi financial blog team, 25 August 2014

Property Market Information: Queensland's economic growth highlights potential

Queensland's economy has been steadily growing over the last few years, with the coming months expected to be extremely fruitful for the Sunshine State's future. A recent Deloitte release has indicated the shift away from mining investment and construction towards actual production and the beginning of exportation - which could do wonders for the state economy and offer a number of jobs in regional areas.

Now could be the perfect time to consider getting in touch with a financial expert to discuss the investment loan options open to you. Deloitte Queensland Managing Partner John Greig said the state was really coming back into its own as a powerhouse of Australia's economy, with large degrees of growth across a number of different sectors expected in the coming years. 

"Queensland's economy is performing better than its residents realise, and the State is predicted to outperform New South Wales and Victoria over the coming years in terms of population growth, employment growth and overall economic growth," said Mr Greig in an August 21 statement. 

"Queenslanders have a lot to feel positive about. The state's project pipeline is pretty well spaced, which leaves it at less risk of a pothole in activity between resource-related construction projects finishing and most resource export volumes picking up." 

For example, the three major LNG export projects currently underway at Gladstone have a combined annual yield of more than 25 million tonnes. This represents a $10 billion annual revenue from the gas supply, which is a huge surge of economic for the region and Queensland as a whole. Furthermore, the estimate growth of the agricultural sector is also expected to reach an annual return of $10 billion. 

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