Home renovations blog: Choosing the right appliances

By the resi financial blog team, 03 December 2014

Home renovations blog: Choosing the right appliances

When renovating your kitchen, picking out new appliances is probably one of the most fun parts of the process. When selecting ovens and fridges you are enabling your future lifestyle and it's a great feeling.

However, there are a lot of things to consider when making these big decisions. More than just stainless or white, there are other appearance issues to think about, but most importantly - it's what's on the inside that counts.

Choosing a fridge

One of the obvious considerations when choosing a fridge is getting one that will fit in with your cabinetry, as well as the volume of storage your family needs. If you're doing a major kitchen reno, you could create your fridge space to fit the appliance you choose.

When it comes to fridge capacity, storage volume is measured in litres. For the average couple 400 litres should be enough, while a family of four will need between 540 and 600. Bigger families will need at least 700 litres.

Fridge/freezer layout is also a big one to think about. Refrigerators with the freezer mounted on top are the most common, and therefore the most cost effective. Bottom-mount fridges keep all of your daily-use items at eye level.

Side-by-side is exactly what it sounds like and a french door layout combines this with a bottom-mount layout, giving you all the storage options you could ever hope for.

Picking an oven, cooktop and range hood

The combination of oven, cooktop and range can make your break your kitchen. Aside from styling issues, you could probably think of several kitchens you've lived with where one or more of these appliances was the bane of your life.

With so many options to consider it can be hard to cover all your bases, especially as everyone has different needs. The best way to approach this section of the kitchen is to think about the type of cooking you do most often, or what you would like to do in future.

Consider gas or electric and the number and type of elements you prefer. Ovens should be chosen for volume and also the range of extras they come with.

Dishwasher selection

Again, size is one of the foremost considerations, so plan this wisely. When it comes to capacity, dishwashers are measured in 'place settings'. Each place setting nominally consists of a dinner plate, soup plate, tea cup and saucer, dessert plate, tumbler and a knife, fork, soup spoon, teas spoon and dessertspoon.

If your dishwasher has a capacity of '14 international place settings', it should be able to hold around 14 of each of the above mentioned items when stacked efficiently. Choose the right size washer so that you don't take too long to fill it, or waste water on half loads.

Features in dishwashers include a range of cycles, self-cleaning filters, hidden elements, and even the option for two drawers instead of one door.

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