Home renovations blog: Improving air flow

By the resi financial blog team, 22 December 2014

Home renovations blog: Improving air flow

When designing a new home or doing a major renovation you often get to choose the placement of your windows and doorways. While many people take this opportunity to maximise on views and functional aspects like access, this is also a prime time to increase your air flow.

The concept of improving air flow is not a new one and is a major tenet of arts such as Feng Shui. The benefits of fresh air have not been lost on the Western world either, with many doctors in the past few centuries prescribing breathing in mountain or sea air before the advent of modern medicine.

Incorporating this most ancient of forces into your modern home could not only make for a more pleasant environment, but could have health benefits - even in this day and age. Many older Australian homes are not well insulated and have poor ventilation, leading to poor air quality which can aggravate respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

The Australian Department of Industry recommends improving ventilation naturally through the following means:

  • creating new windows or doors in non-loadbearing walls
  • moving doors to improve breeze paths through the house
  • retrofitting fully openable, breeze-catching windows and doors
  • altering landscaping and hardscaping to direct breezes to the home

There are of course more immediate ways of increasing air purity in your home, including ceiling fans, reverse-cycle air-conditioners, home ventilation systems and improving insulation. Any appliances you buy to cool your home this summer could be driving up your electricity bill, however, so make sure you're looking at the options with the highest energy efficiency ratings.

Improving the air quality in your home is a major step towards enjoying a home that is much more liveable and enjoyable. If you'd like to know what your options are for financing any home renovations, talk to a resi loan specialist today.

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