Home renovations blog: Ready to go green in a big way?

By the resi financial blog team, 22 December 2014

Home renovations blog: Ready to go green in a big way?

Green roofs and walls - these are not for the faint of heart, but they can be worth it! Whether your motivation is an aesthetic change, improving the environment or both, there's a way you can create a green space to achieve this. Information from YourHome, a government initiative, is a great place to start.

Green walls

Perhaps easier to implement than a living roof, these vertical gardens can go a long way to improving your home. Aside from proving a fresh feeling for your balcony or living room, a herb and veggie-laden wall could provide a source of regular sustenance, reducing your grocery bill from week to week. Imagine the look on the face of your guests when you go to your wall to pull off some parsley for your Sunday roast!

A more hi-tech approach is to create a vertical garden, including water elements, such as ponds or fish tanks. These can be ideal for outdoor area or for very elaborately designed homes. While you may not be ready to tackle expensive irrigation systems and such, there are definitely DIY ways to incorporate green elements into your indoor space.

Don't forget the cooling benefit of plants indoors. Acting as an evaporative air conditioner, they could supplement your home cooling strategy and save you money in the long term.

Green roofs

A living roof requires more commitment and physical resources than a green wall, so this is not to be undertaken lightly. Ideal for highly dense urban areas, these can be a great way to give yourself an inner-city escape, as well as providing fruit and veggies for your family.

Green roofs can be as simple as a collection of pots with fruit trees and vegetables, or a complex planting system with a layer of soil up to 200 mm deep. A living roof can provide significant environmental benefits, as well as increasing the thermal efficiency and acoustic dampening of a home.

Whether you are considering replanting the garden or going all out and greening up your house, there's a financial solution to help you achieve your goals. Talk to a resi loan specialist at your local branch to find out more.

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