Home renovations blog: Decorate your first home on a budget

By the resi financial blog team, 04 February 2015

Home renovations blog: Decorate your first home on a budget

Moving into your first home is an exciting time, but if it's a bit of a do-up, the reality can shatter the illusions of grandeur you once had. Of course, getting your first home magazine-quality isn't going to happen, especially if you've just spent all of your savings on your home loan deposit. Here are some budget decorating ideas that can vastly improve your new home.

1) You may have to renovate... a little

Renovating sounds like a costly exercise, and often it is. However, there are some aspects of home improvement that won't cost you an arm and a leg. See if you can tackle the big surfaces of your home - this will make the largest impression. If you can afford to tack on a little extra to the home loan, you can probably spend it on new carpet and a fresh lick of paint.

You can save money on painting by doing it yourself, and when it comes to carpet, go for an option that is hard-wearing but cost efficient. Freshly laid floor coverings will greatly improve the look of a room.

Refinishing surfaces with a bit of DIY is another way to turn a rundown old home into a retro-chic palace. Consider replacing vanity tops, kitchen counters, cupboard facings or even a wall with some innovative upcycled material. Cement, stone and the all-time favourite, pallet wood, are all great ways to enhance the texture and visual appeal of your home.

If there's a few coins left in the kitty, look at replacing light fittings in your main living areas, such as the lounge and kitchen. Creating a bright, modern feel where you spend most of your time, will make you feel better about your whole home.

2) Hand-me-ups

Charity is a great thing, but being on the receiving end can sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable. If you find yourself in a position to benefit from unwanted furniture from a family friend or cheap second-hand couches at a used-goods store, this could be the best way to fill your home with quality items that would be out of your reach at brand new prices.

There are many pieces that can be improved or renewed with some creative DIY upholstery, painting or antiquing. There's no need to buy new just because you have a new home - that's a surefire way to pick up some bad debt. Rather, replace old appliances and furniture over time by saving up for them. It's much cheaper than the interest you could be paying on multiple credit cards and it spreads the joy of new things over a longer period of time.

If you'd like some guidance on your first home loan, or even personal finances, get in touch with a resi loan specialist for some friendly tips and help.

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