Home renovations blog: Freshening up your bathroom on a budget

By the resi financial blog team, 18 February 2015

Home renovations blog: Freshening up your bathroom on a budget

If you've recently bought a property that need a bit of attention, it's tempting to pour all your resources into areas you use every day - especially the bathroom. But for the budget-conscious mortgagee, replacing a bathroom can be extremely costly. The Housing Industry Association estimates that installing new bathroom can cost an an eye-watering $13,986. Instead, consider what you can do with the space without starting from scratch. Here are some economical ideas for refreshing your bathroom.

Keep a leash on tiling

Tiling a bathroom can be an incredibly expensive process, especially if done professionally. You can save money by limiting the amount of tiling to high-impact areas like the floor - instead of both the floor and the inside of a shower - or use them as a feature.

Try placing tiles in a horizontal strip along the wall and paint the rest of the walls a complementary colour. Reducing the number of tiles also means you can experiment with different hues and textures. A slick, high-gloss tile against a muted wall has great visual interest and breaks up the space.

Cover, don't replace

People love the look of a custom vanity complete with granite or marble countertop, but these options can often set you back hundreds of dollars. Since the investment in a bathroom counter is small, it makes more sense to splurge in an area where a hardy surface will be put to more use, like the kitchen. Consider using an imperfect slab or a cheaper material like concrete - many products imitate the finish of expensive stone, but at a fraction of the cost. 

Instead of replacing a whole vanity, look at what you can do to improve the existing one. Simple additions like customised cabinet knobs can bring a dated set of cupboards into the now, while a lick of paint will instantly brighten up a worn vanity. Neutral paint colours are a clever way to disguise an older vanity and let the more modern features in your bathroom do the talking. 

Whether you're renovating the bathroom or repainting the kitchen, get in touch with the loan specialists at resi to discuss the perfect renovation loan for your project. 

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