Home renovations blog: Trends for 2015

By the resi financial blog team, 28 January 2015

Home renovations blog: Trends for 2015

If you've decided to complete some home renovations this year but are starved for inspiration, have a look through these - some of the hot up-and-coming trends for 2015. With everything from colour choice to texture and materials, you'll find your creative spark here.

Colours for 2015

Many design specialists treat the Pantone colour charts as their industry bible. Every year the Pantone colour of the year inspires makeovers and design fads all over the world . This year's colour is called Marsala.

The rich red-maroon colour draws inspiration from spices and wine, and is aimed at a holistic approach to pigment selection. This hue will work as an accent colour throughout your home, or as a feature wall or underlying theme.

Possibilities abound and Marsala is the kind of colour that blends with others easily. Pairing this shade with browns, creams and even blues will create instant success. Natural textures and materials like worn wood, cotton, hemp and soft velvets will increase the visual appeal of this wine-red colour.

For those after a more subdued look smoky greys, neutral shades, metallics and marine blues are all still in. That's not to say any of these trends couldn't easily incorporate a splash of Marsala either. Deep, dark indigo blues and other similar shades are quite appealing as well.

According to Tucker & Negus Interior Design, feature walls are a thing of the past, with favour being granted to painting rooms or zones in like colours.

It's important to remember that while there may be a couple standout colours used by the interior design industry, that freshening up any theme can be achieved with slightly revamped hues.

Most paint brands or companies will offer a range of shades that they have selected as standouts for the year. Using these kinds of charts, you could easily bring your earthy inspired rooms back to life, or splash some colour in your 70's themed areas.

Materials to use in your renovation

The more fundamental issue to tackle is what kinds of material you will use to complete your renovations. This will have far-reaching consequences, as these alterations are much more permanent than a coat of paint, and could predicate your decor choices for years to come.

A weathered look has been in fashion for quite some time and it seems the trend is set to continue, with railway sleepers, driftwood, upcycled furniture and modern antiques featuring heavily in many contemporary designs.

The new phase of accenting with metallics fits with this motif surprisingly well, modernising what could appear to be a very dated look.

Consider natural materials, like hardwood floors, natural stone, exposed aggregate and neutral coloured wool carpets, and set these off with stainless steel fixtures or polished brass lamp shades.

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