Property Investment Tips: New Year's resolutions for the savvy investor

By the resi financial blog team, 12 January 2015

Property Investment Tips: New Year's resolutions for the savvy investor

New Year's resolutions are something most of us consider every year, for a few weeks anyway. As a property investor there's more to a new year than a party and imagining ways to better yourself going forward - there's the opportunity to take stock of your previous year's performance and set the tone for your financial prosperity in 2015.

Your resolutions for your property shouldn't be written on a cocktail napkin or stored in your head - they should form the foundation for investment strategy. It would therefore be a wise move to take on some professional guidance and set a written plan in place for moving forward. That is resolution number one - create a viable plan with sound financial input and outline ways to achieve those goals.

Your financial goal could be to diversify your current portfolio or to slowly consolidate and release capital to enjoy as you look towards retirement. Whatever your ultimate aim, make sure you aren't saddled with debt that will hold you back.

Taking stock of your personal finances is a good way to make sure you are set up for a stress-free 2015. Getting harmful debt under control and either paid off or repackaged into useful debt could help you to achieve a more profitable return on your property assets.

Find out what's really going on. Getting a check up from the doctor every now and then keeps you informed as to your overall health and what you can do to improve or maintain it. The same goes for your financial wellbeing.

Make sure to talk to a specialist who can help you ascertain whether your investments, personal finances, insurances and superannuation are contributing to your financial health, or whether they need a tune up to bring them back in line with your goals.

No matter the aspect of your personal finance or investment mortgage that needs addressing, a resi loan specialist will be able to help you out. Get in touch today for some friendly hints and tips and to put together a solid plan for the new year.

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