10 Must Read Websites for Renovation Inspiration

By the resi financial blog team, 27 June 2014

10 Must Read Websites for Renovation Inspiration

10 Must Read Websites for Renovation Inspiration

Committing to the whole renovation thing can be hard - it’s one of those things that tend to be easier said than done. That doesn’t mean to say though, you can’t get lost in oodles of inspiration to spark that creative flair and get the ball rolling for your next project.

Regardless of whether a renovation is within reach or not, restoring your old home or enhancing a newer space has never been easier. The internet is booming with helpful resources and websites to guide you in the right direction, so much it can get a little overwhelming at times. That’s why we’re here – to reveal the best renovation sites loaded with ideas that are real and reachable, and motivate you to complete that makeover dream. 

1. Houzz

Houzz is a stunning full-colour, almost glossy-mag-style photo site. It’s specifically designed to make you re-imagine the space you already have and get those creative juices tempted. The site is perfect to really get an idea on how other people are doing things, from the regular DIYer to experts in the industry. 

Anyone can browse, but if you want to take it a step further you can sign up to a free account and create your own personalised “idea book”. These ideas will get you inspired to make both big and small changes in and around your home. Houzz also includes a directory of designers, architects and contractors to help you with the job.


2. Realestate.com.au

Australia’s number 1 property site offers so much than houses and apartments to rent or buy; it’s an online scrapbook of renovation wonders. RealEstate.com.au allows you to view and collect your ideas, with popular collections and featured notions.

The sites’ simple navigation makes it easy to scroll through and find designs of kitchens and bathrooms, to outdoor living and landscaping creations. RealEstate.com.au allows you to be visually inspired with a great mix of modern designs and trending ideas reflective of all tastes and styles.

Expert Tip – Our blog offers tips and guides all areas of the property journey. We have DIY tips, home renovation ideas and property buying/selling tips, as well as interior stories such as ‘Home Staging – Not a Club for Elites’ and ‘How to Pick the Right Rug’. – Holly Jones, Content Editor.


3. Lifestyle Home

Lifestyle Home is the ultimate destination for hands-on advice about outdoor living, home and garden projects. The site is divided into sections including trending home shows (Renovation Raiders, Design Star, Get the Look, The Block), DIY, ask an expert, lifestyle home videos loaded with design tips and so much more.

Search renovation ideas via room and spend a good part of your morning daydreaming over beautiful images to enthuse you. Lifestyle Home also includes a variety of articles written by industry experts, like Shaynna Blaze (Interior Designer on Selling Houses Australia) to give their advice on tips and tricks.


4. Home Improvement Pages   

Home Improvement Pages is Australia’s largest network of trade professionals. The site covers over 1,100 categories of renovation projects and jobs both inside and outside your home, and is loaded with articles and photos for the DIYer.

The site is divided into a few different sections and points you in the right direction for contractor help and bursts of inspiration through the thousands of images. Whether it is outdoor living and entertaining, bedrooms and kid spaces, or water features and lighting - Home Improvement Pages has everything to stimulate you and get you started.

5. Build

Build is the perfect site for finding, scrapbooking and creating your own mix of renovating ideas.  The ideas gallery is filled with thousands of images, concepts and articles from regular DIYers and industry experts to offer a little bit of every flavour. The home design guides offer a fantastic resource for rooms and spaces, recommended products and special topics including sustainable living and issues to be aware of when renovating.

The site also offers a comprehensive sector on how to build and renovate. This section includes how to find the right qualified tradie to assist with the job, regulations you’ll need to consider and how to reduce renovation costs to keep you within budget. Build also includes tools like checklists and maintenance guides, and a forum to reach out for any help with people in similar stages of their projects and those who work in the industry.  You can also upload your own pictures, projects, ideas or renovation problems to help and inspire others.

Expert Tip: The difference between a decent renovation and a spectacular one almost always comes down to the amount of effort that’s been put into the design stages. Don’t underestimate careful design and planning, and don’t be afraid to budget for it either! Where possible, hire the right professionals to help you with the job but don’t be scared of getting your hands dirty. You can save a fortune on labour by helping your builder with manual work and get to learn all kinds of new things in the process.  – Darcy Wilson, Editor of Build     

6. Home Life

Whether you need renovation tips, decorating advice for after the project’s finished or a little bit of both, Home Life is a fantastic online source for innovative ideas. With categories catering for DIY, step-by-step renovating instructions and decorating styles, the site combines some of the best impressions for your home.

The easy search bar tool allows you to find specific articles loaded with stylish ideas or the hottest trends and awards that’ll make you want to get your hands dirty now.

7. Wood Solutions 

Listed as Australia’s natural resource for timber design, Wood Solutions holds the latest inspiration for renovations, innovation, sustainability, features and more. From luxurious designs to simple upgrades, the site has an extensive breakdown on materials and products and finding creativeness through the eyes of architects, builders and engineers. There are also additional resources and events you can check out.

Wood Solutions offer technical design guides for the serious DIYer, recommended suppliers in your area and tutorials you can experiment with. Check out the article section for design advantages and environmental credentials.

8. Light Home

Light Home is a website dedicated to discovering sustainable design and building. It’s perfect for the green-minded, or simply for those that want to do their bit for the environment and live in an efficient home. The design ideas section offers renovation advice and a good variety of high-quality images to get you inspired for the kitchen, bathroom, outdoor, and the shapes and colours of homes.

Light Home is also available as a digital magazine, so the site includes a blog of past issues ideal for an architect, builder or homeowner interested in sustainable design. There is also information surrounding how to live green friendly, once your project is completed and points you in the direction for green building show you can attend, renovating guides, small space ideas and renovating costs to be expected.


9. Spaced

Spaced provides a modernised insight into the design world with interior and exterior inspiration for your home, apartment or office space. Whilst the site doesn’t include as many images as those mentioned above, it offers some good ideas that can be easily ‘pinned’ to Pinterest to help you create an online scrapbook of designs.

The site explores all you favourite inside and an outside spaces, with additional information on design challenges homeowners and DIYers face. Also included are sections for themes and textures, and fittings and features to top off your project.

10. Dulux My Colour

Get inspiration, colour scheming help and decorating advice from one of the top paint companies around. Dulux My Colour is fantastic for exploring thousands of different colour combinations before purchasing the paint and getting your hands dirty.

The site makes it easy to upload an image of the room you want to revamp, and then experiment with the colours of your choice. There are fun facts to help you along the way, colour trends for the year, booklets and design files for more information and a colour gallery to get truly inspired.

The ‘my project’ tool allows you to save your images and then once you’re happy with the look, helps you to calculate the painting costs and how much you’ll need. Dulux My Colour brings a beautiful colour visualisation to any project you’re working on.


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