Home renovations blog: Lush landscaping trends

By the resi financial blog team, 16 June 2014

High end landscaping in Australia

It's clear that Australians love their homes, but it's not just the interior that demands careful thought. When it comes to a property's exterior, high-end landscaping is a big trend among homeowners.

If you're thinking about embarking on a landscaping project, now may be the perfect time to refinance. This way, you can access loan features, such as a line of credit to finance your project. Think of it as a valuable investment in your home, that's also aesthetically stunning.

What's making waves?

Landscape Designer Jake Adamson has commented on th creativity of Australians when it comes to refreshing their outdoor spaces.

Talking to Fairfax Media, Mr Adamson explained that outdoor features are now integrated with the whole property to ensure a seamless final product.

From al fresco areas to pavilions, there is certainly no shortage of ways to turn a dull lawn into a striking, usable area.

One hot trend is the use of automated louvres in conjunction with pergolas.

"[I]f it's raining you can still use [the pergola] because it can lock out the rain," Mr Adamson told Fairfax Media on June 8.

"But also, if you want to use it during a nice day, you can open up the louvres and it still lets the sun filter through."

What about plant life?

While it's important to have the perfect deck or patio to kick back and relax on, it's important not to miss the finer details, such as which plants suit your outdoor space.

If you're after a sense of sophisticated formality, opt for hedges or planter boxes with natural grasses. Perhaps you want to create the impression of a tropical oasis alongside the family pool. If so, incorporate palms in your outdoor area.

Don't underestimate the benefits of paving, either. You can minimise your maintenance requirements by replacing large lawn areas with stone paving features.

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