Home improvement tips: Have you considered an open plan home?

By the resi financial blog team, 19 March 2014

Renovating for an open planned home

If you're interested in renovating your home, there are literally limitless possibilities to implement. One of the more common ones becoming popular across Australia is creating an open plan living space within your home. These homes have an emphasis on flexibility and versatility - creating functional spaces with a large opportunity for use. 

The basic layout of these homes is a lack of boundaries between rooms in order to maximise the amount of space that can be utilised. Often the living room, kitchen area, dining room and entertaining areas will all be one big space, perhaps divided by only a single wall. 

With a focus on creating warm, inviting spaces that allow people to see and communicate clearly from any area of the home, these are perfect for people who like to entertain guests often or for families with young children - allowing the parents to watch their kids from throughout the house. 

Open plan homes also allow for more light to be let into the property through the lack of barriers. While traditional homes often have multiple windows along the walls, open plan properties often have less, allowing light to stream in from all sides due to the lack of walls between spaces.

Furthermore, open plan houses give you the opportunity to get creative when it comes to furniture. With regards to separating each "room", you can look into the option of differing furniture types to differentiate between spaces. Mixing up the interior design of your home could be a fun, interesting way of breaking the monotony. 

Now could be the perfect time to begin looking into renovation home loans for these plans in the future. With the growing demand for these types of homes, speaking with a construction expert will provide you with the insight needed to get on your way with this particular type of renovation in no time.

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