Home renovations blog: Creating a productive home office

By the resi financial blog team, 18 March 2015

Home renovations blog: Creating a productive home office

Whether you want somewhere where you can work from home or simply a bit of quiet to organise the bills, a home office can be a great way to get the most from a space. Renovating this area can be as extensive or as small as you like, depending on your needs - but one thing that's important is creating a productive and soothing space. Here are some top ideas to get the most from your home's work section. 

In the zone 

Small business activities may require more space than household bills, but it's equally important to create a space where you can organise your thoughts. If you're lucky enough to have a room dedicated to your business, think about what environment you enjoy working in. 

You want an area where you can work hard without getting distracted - did you know some colours can actually make you work harder? There are a lot opinions surrounding what hue this is - some experts believe blue makes you more creative, while others think simpler tones make for a more comforting office. Whatever your preference, keep the palette minimal - but avoid stark white.

Tonal colours can help accessories or design features stand out. This actually works well for a home that's running a low on space - it can make a small room feel like a bright, clean and airy office with very little effort.

Make a storage statement

Consider making storage a point of interest. Open shelving can make paperwork easier to find and organise - you can also take an inexpensive shelving unit and give it a personal twist. Paint it a bright colour to stand out against the pared back palette, or consider dramatic charcoal or black for a modern finish. 

Floating shelves can be a good solution to get equipment off the floor, but you can also create some interest with wall-mounted storage cubes. Make sure the walls are strong enough to withstand the weight of files - you might need to consult with a builder to reinforce the surface, particularly if it involves chipboard. 

Whatever the project, have a chat with the loan specialists at resi to figure out some renovation loan choices to suit your financial needs.

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