Home renovations blog: Making your lofty visions a reality

By the resi financial blog team, 11 March 2015

Home renovations blog: Making your lofty visions a reality

Attics can be some of the most underused areas in a home. Whether you've bought an investment property and are looking to get the most house for your money, or are simply looking for a little more room, roof space can be a clever solution.

Houses can sometimes have around 30 per cent of their total space in the attic cavity according to Attic Group, so it's worth investigating what you can achieve with a little elbow grease. Here are some handy ideas for converting the attic into a useable space. 

Regulation central 

Before you begin, you need to have a think about regulations. A habitable attic is governed by many of the same guidelines as the rest of the house. The Building Code of Australia specifies that two-thirds of the attic space needs to be at least 2.4 metres high in order to meet their standards for a liveable space. You will also need to install adequate ventilation and natural light, so it could be worth getting a second opinion from a builder on this, especially if you're planning on converting this area into a bedroom or office. 

Creative flare

Once you've got the regulatory issues sorted and out of the way, then the fun begins. There are so many options for the attic. Because it is a relatively enclosed space, think about hard wood or wood finish flooring instead of carpet - this is easier to clean and doesn't trap as much dust. You might not want to stop at the floors. Continuing the wood flooring onto the walls as panels can create a chic, loft feel.

Light wood finishes are on trend at the momentum so try dabbling in a minimalist, Scandinavian interior - a bonus if you want to keep clutter to a minimum. Keep the tones light in the attic. A lick of bright white paint on the walls and ceilings can instantly brighten the room and amplify natural light. Avoid dark tones, as they tend to close in a smaller space. 

Sloped ceilings might seem like a problem, but use them to your advantage. They present a great opportunity for customised storage solutions or quirky workstations. While you might not be able to fit furniture in many of the nooks and crevices, attach custom fit shelves to maximise the space. This is a great storage solution for excess books or out-of-season clothes. 

It's important to have your finances sorted before taking on a project like this, so get in touch with a resi loan specialist to discuss some of the available renovation loan options

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