Home renovations blog: Maximising the multipurpose room

By the resi financial blog team, 04 March 2015

Home renovations blog: Maximising the multipurpose room

It pays to keep a future sale in mind when renovating your investment property. In any case, as your family grows, you want your home to adapt. As such, you might want to think about how to create flexible, multipurpose areas that will appeal to a broad audience - and this is especially important if your property is a little short on space. 

Trends and design fads provide a useful guide to what potential buyers might like, but think about renovating in more broad terms. Following crazes too carefully can sometimes limit your pool of buyers. Of course, there are times when modernity holds the most appeal, like in the bathroom or kitchen - but when you're running low on space, consider all the uses you can fit into a small area.

Here are some ideas for keeping your renovation project open to change. 

Colour, light, zones

A few design elements are vital for maximising space. Think about your use of lighting, colour, scale and zoning. Lighting sets the tone and a great room will have a number of different types. You can designate specific areas - direct lights installed over desks or reading areas, and accent lights that highlight certain features. 

Maximise natural light by hanging mirrors strategically. A pale paint or wallpaper colour palette, like soft creams, pastel blues or shades of beige or grey, will also brighten a room. Neutral tones are a versatile backdrop for highlighting artwork or furniture - this way you or your buyers can change the items in a room to suit tastes or purpose. 

Your furniture can also create clear zones. Bookshelves and sofas can divide a living room into distinct sections, while colour can also distinguish one area from another. Experiment with contrasting floor coverings - you can separate room by transitioning between two different types of materials, or break a room up with a rug. Proportion is important so choose a rug that won't overwhelm a small space. 

Whatever your project, it's important to secure a renovation loan that meets your unique financial situation. The loan specialists at resi can help you figure out the a good option for your venture. 

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