Home renovations blog: Small on bathroom space, big on style

By the resi financial blog team, 25 March 2015

Home renovations blog: Small on bathroom space, big on style

Whether you're moving into your first home or you're redecorating an investment, making the most of small spaces is something that should be at the top of your priority list. Bathrooms can often be short on floor space, but transforming cramped rooms into design or style statements can add value to your property - and make it a fantastic place to live. 

Here are few ideas for creating a compact and stylish bathroom. 

Tile choices

Small bathrooms are a great opportunity to choose contemporary tiles, paint colours or even wallpaper. Less wall space means you can afford to put your creative mark on the room, but be wary of overwhelming a small-scale bathroom with too many details. Mosaic or decorative tiles can create a beautiful backsplash against a sink or bath, but go for large tiles to offset the cramped quarters. Petite tiles mean a multitude of grout lines, which can make the space feel boxed-in and busy.

Laying tiles horizontally can also draw the eye along the wall and make the room appear longer or wider.

Crafty corners

Bathrooms often suggest one thing - a bath. While families can often be on the look out for an expansive tub, in a home with a tight floor plan a bathtub can take up valuable space for storage and other features. Go for a walk in shower instead. It can be tucked away in the corner and a frameless, glass shower screen ensures a streamlined appearance. 

Storage is important in every room of the home and is equally so in a tiny bathroom. Try to incorporate as many creative solutions as possible. Reduce clutter with recessed, open shelves in the wall and even in the shower for toiletries. Install a space-saving heated towel rail to keep damp towels off the floor, and choose vanities with in-built storage options. Floating vanities can be an ideal option in this case, as you can slip baskets for towels or toilet paper underneath. 

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