Guest blog: 10 ways to secure a construction site

By the resi financial blog team, 09 May 2014

How do I secure a construction site

During a construction project, it’s easy to let the building aspect take centre stage. Theft and burglaries on site are common problems that contractors face on a regular basis. You may have mapped out a building budget and project timeline, but how about a security plan? 
Introducing an effective crime prevention strategy should be at the top of your list. We've compiled a few tips to help you protect your investment.
1. Assign a crime liaison
Your local law enforcement agency should have heaps of tips for securing a construction site. Appoint a member of your team as a misconduct prevention liaison, or bridge between the project and police. Your team should create a strong, working relationship with law officials, keep up-to-date with any criminal activity in the area, and know how to best proceed with safety precautions. 
2. Map out security measures for your property
Before the actual construction even begins, it’s wise to create a plan to secure the building area. This includes identifying the entry and exit points of the site, what safety equipment you’ll need, and whether you will need to employ security guards or use surveillance. 
3. Get the neighbourhood involved
Community can be a huge help with security. Nearby residents or businesses can act as the eyes and ears of your project when you’re not around. Take the time to go over your building schedule with the neighbours and ask them to help keep watch for suspicious activity; discuss what to do in the event of a break-in. Consider offering a reward for information regarding any damage to your space.
4. Implement an inventory management system
What are your most valuable items on site? All costly pieces of equipment should be identified, inventoried, and surveyed throughout the entire building process. Being organised can help manage any theft or destruction of property.
5. Predict threats
Consider the circumstances of your construction site. Does the area have a history with crime? Neighbours and police should be able to tell you a bit more about the environment and give you an idea regarding what types of criminals may try to cause problems. Take a night visit to identify areas of low visibility to give you a better idea of where to install fencing and lighting to deter thieves. 
6. Secure the perimeter
Sturdy fencing is your first defence from intruders and should be installed before construction begins. A high chain link fence provides a barrier as well as natural visibility for security purposes. Consider the height, barbed wire placement, mesh and number of gates in your fence to best suit your security needs.
7. Brighten the environment
Lighting can be an excellent deterrent for criminal activity. Direct the light onto the areas you’re trying to protect. Bright, white light is best for identifying faces and licence plates. Though it’s a bit more expensive than other types of lighting, it will bring you a tremendous security advantage. Remember to protect your power source, as well. Hang the power lines high and use independent sources of power like a generator.
8. Lock it up
All valuable items should be kept in secure areas with quality locks or inside security sheds. Be aware of hazardous materials like explosives, poisons and solvents on site as well.
9. Limit access to your site
Know exactly who has access to your project site and give a list to police of designated workers who are allowed after-hours. Employee parking should be clearly designated, so you can tell if any suspicious vehicles are present. Things can get complicated when employing subcontractors and project managers, so educate all on-site staff to be wary of unidentified guests. Ask visitors direct questions that only qualified workers would know and you’ll easily get a feel for suspicious activity. 
10. Encourage teamwork
Sometimes illegal activity can unknowingly stem from employees or subcontractors. Clearly display legal and monetary consequences for criminal action around the construction site. Offer compensation for reporting suspicious activity and contact authorities immediately to action any problems.
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