Home renovations blog: Playing with colour

By the resi financial blog team, 29 May 2014

Colour for your home

Colour is making a comeback. 

That's the news according to homewares retailer owner Barbara Hermon, owner of Hermon & Hermon.

Ms Hermon told the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) on May 10 that neutral taupes are giving way to bright throws, accessories and cushions in the home design sphere.

"People are having a bit of fun putting together colours such as a burnt orange in a doona, with saffron yellow pillows," she explained. 

With cooler nights on their way, bright bedding, colourful kitchens and playful living rooms certainly won't go amiss. 

Interior designer Fiona Lynch told the SMH that metallics are also "on trend". 

Bringing colour into your home

From shared living spaces to the bedroom and bathroom, there are plenty of ways to inject a little more colour into your life - such as changing the paint job to adding playful accessories, such as vases and lamps. Even if you're taking out a first home loan, there are options available to you if you want to renovate.

Why not opt for bold yellow paint in the bathroom, offset by white accents and plenty of natural materials?

Another option is to go for more muted yellow tiles on a single bathroom wall, which injects a touch of vibrance without going overboard.

Even the smaller details, such as towels, blinds and toothbrush holders can nod to this playful shade without requiring a total bathroom makeover.

Yellow also looks striking in the dining room, with bold tablecloths, yellow-and-white striped dinning chairs and geometric floor designs all effective ways of enjoying this colour at home.

Don't forget about shades such as jade green, vermilion, aubergine and tangerine if you really want to make a space pop. 

One way to get more colour into your home without it looking like a rainbow is to select a single bold shade and pair it with slate or white. 

If the bold shade has warm tones to it, pick a buttery cream to go alongside it. By contrast, if you pick a vibrant shade that's got cooler tones, a guarded slate shade pairs excellently with this.

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