Home renovations blog: How to plan an ensuite

By the resi financial blog team, 26 November 2014

Home renovations blog: How to plan an ensuite

If your house is older than a few decades, chances are you may not have an ensuite. In fact, there are many design quirks from the 1970s and 80s that still plague home renovators, but the lack of an ensuite can be a big one.

Extending the house can be a really major expense. Adding a wall or two isn't so bad, but when it comes to changing roof lines and all of that kind of stuff, you're looking at pretty major work. If you have the budget for it and can extend the home, have a look at the cost involved in adding more than just the ensuite.

For those already going to be extending, you could save some money in the process and seriously extend the livability of your home by adding more cupboard space, a separate laundry or even an extra bedroom or living area.

For those that would love an ensuite but don't want to go through the expense and effort of adding another room onto the house, there could be another solution.

Add a door

While a full ensuite may not be achievable, if your master bedroom is next to the bathroom, you could probably add a door between the two to create a semi-ensuite. Although not as desirable as a full-blown addition to the home, it certainly adds a lot of convenience for not much cost.

Things to bear in mind are:

Door clearances - two doors going into the same room can be close together, so make sure they don't hit each other if they are both opened at the same time.

Pipes - don't just pull out a saw and start ripping into the wall. Water pipes or electrical cabling, as well as structural supports may block your progress. Be sure to get a professional to check this out to avoid costly and painful accidents.

Locks - if you enter the bathroom from the bedroom, you want to be able to lock that door as well as the door from the passageway from inside the bathroom for privacy.

Merge two rooms

If you own an older house that has four bedrooms and one bathroom but you really want a three bedroom two bathroom set up, this can be achieved. If you have two rooms that share a wall, you may be able to extend one room into the other and use the left over space to create a massive ensuite and walk in robe.

Older homes tend to have larger rooms, so if you have enough space, you could even take this opportunity to add an extra storage space, separate laundry or a study.

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