Home renovations blog: Unique wall coverings for your home

By the resi financial blog team, 20 November 2014

Home renovations blog: Unique wall coverings for your home

Interior decorating and interior design are two different things, although that's not to say they can't lend each other a hand sometimes. If you've been thinking of sprucing up your tired looking walls with some colourful artwork, or simply don't know how to bring your rooms to life, here are some unique wall covering options that could inspire you.

Tile mosaics

There are plenty of feature tiles out there to create any look you can think of, but the important thing is how you arrange them. Even the most amazing tiles laid out in traditional pattern will start to look boring after a while.

If you are after a one-of-a-kind look for a tiled space, try using small tiles in different colours to create a mosaic that flows through a range of colours in a gradient. Try going from arctic white to a crisp blue in the bathroom, or from a pale pink to a fresh green for a spring feel.

And don't worry about covering a space completely either. Creating a unique shape with your tiling is just as much a feature as doing a whole wall, if not more so. You could even consider taking your incredible mosaic around corners or from wall to floor, if you have the right tiles.

It doesn't have to be plumb

As human beings we are naturally drawn towards things that look orderly, but weird and innovative takes on old ideas are the kind of things that can bring a smile to your face every day. Instead of laying your wallpaper, tiling or timber wall coverings in a simple horizontal or vertical pattern, why not try a diagonal?

Going off-kilter can make a very average material look artsy and impressive. If you're going for wallpaper in a diagonal or angled application, consider alternating paper between strips. Whatever you choose with wallpaper, make sure you start in the most noticeable area and finish in the least conspicuous space, in case it doesn't quite line up.

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