Home renovations blog: Your own home library

By the resi financial blog team, 12 November 2014

Home renovations blog: Your own home library

A home library is not something reserved only for the social elite. You can incorporate a tasteful and enjoyable library into most homes, regardless of size and without an expensive extension. There are many reasons to start your own home library from entertainment to education, or even just aesthetic inspiration.

Building in shelves

The easiest way to turn any space into a library is simply to remove extraneous furniture, add built in shelves and comfortable seating and lighting. This can work great in your home office or in a lounge, where you can decide the balance between informative and practical literature and simple, relaxation material.

Building in shelves can be a big undertaking, but it's very rewarding when complete. Make sure to choose a colour and material that will not only suit your room, but will also look good full of books. Dark woods can create a classic feel and are well paired with antique furniture, but can make a small room seem smaller.

Light woods like beech, combined with soothing, soft-coloured walls can create a homely atmosphere while maintaining a spacious feel.

Use unique spaces

If you have an extra volume ceiling, or a weird nook under the stairs, these areas can be great for adding in some shelving to create mini libraries without encroaching on your space. There are plenty of ways to convert the space underneath a staircase into a good-looking library, from pull out drawers to deep shelving units.

For those more interested in collecting a large amount of books than displaying them, pull-out shelves that fit flush with the wall could be ideal.

Collecting books

Books are not exactly inexpensive, so starting a collection can be prohibitive. If you have a bookshelf or two filled, this impressive collection could quickly seem very sparse when spread over a whole wall of built-in shelving.

Using some simple, yet attractive, decor items to fill in gaps can make your library seem more full, without having to splurge on large amounts of leather-bound paper at the outset. Glass vases and decorative bowls are ideal for this.

You may also consider fleshing out your library with other collections, such as CDs. vinyl or DVDs. Not only will this create a fuller display, it will also modernise your library and make it something that the whole family can enjoy on a daily basis.

For those that don't enjoy reading, but do like the look of books, there are options out there for classing up your house too. There are companies out there that sell antique books by the metre that could readily fill your shelves with tomes that make you look like a law professor.

Alternatively, shop around at second-hand stores or online auction sites to quickly fill your library at low costs - entire volumes of encyclopedias are a good place to start!

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