Home renovations blog: An ensuite to delight

By the resi financial blog team, 17 October 2014

Ensuite renovations

An ensuite is a highly desirable feature of a home, and can be a major consideration for many home buyers and families. The increased space and time saved by having an extra bathroom, not only provides a private personal escape, but it also helps to avoid everyone battling to use the only main bathroom in the house.

If you’re looking at adding or renovating your existing some tips to help make an ensuite to delight. 

Don't let "your space" become just another space

Renovating or designing a bathroom, especially an ensuite, gives you a sense of freedom that you would not necessarily experience in other parts of the house.

Because a bathroom is pretty insular compared to the rest of the house, which flows one room on to the next, you can get away with really daring paint choices, or fantastic art pieces that may not go with the rest of your decor.

Privacy doesn't require doors

If your bedroom is very private already, say perhaps, on the top storey of the house with no other rooms on the same floor, you may not even need a door to your ensuite.

This might sound strange, but it's a trend that seems to have come back, especially in very modern bespoke buildings with clean architectural lines. If you have a nice view out of your bedroom window, there's even more of a reason to keep your whole space open, light and bright.

Texture and material

Clean and clinical white can be a great choice for many bathrooms, especially smaller ensuites that need to appear bigger. However, if you have the space, the lighting or the inclination, try and embrace some new textures and materials.

Wooden features such as shelving, tubs, or walls can bring a natural feel to an otherwise sterile environment. Natural stone can also add a different experience to your bathroom walls and floors, but make sure to get tiles that are easy to clean.

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