Home renovations blog: Build a deck this summer

By the resi financial blog team, 23 October 2014

Home renovations blog: Build a deck this summer

Building a deck is probably the most quintessentially Aussie renovation you could ever undertake, and will add years worth of enjoyment to your time spent at home, as well some potential extra value if you ever sell.

Building a deck is no easy task though, and if you are uninitiated in the field of home renovations, this should probably not be your first project. However, it is always good to be prepared with knowledge, and to be able to plan the process with a qualified builder in a conversant manner. If you are planning on doing the job yourself, professional advice or plans will certainly help.

Get a tradesman in if you need to

It is very important to have a professional build your deck if you aren't confident in undertaking the project yourself. Your average handyman might not know the state or national regulations on building safety and that could get you in trouble later down the line. Besides, if your deck has any considerable height to it, you'll want it to be as safe as possible for children and guests.

Build a deck for form

A beautifully crafted and well-maintained deck will be a pleasure to use, but will also add significant aesthetic qualities to your home. The deck is a brilliant marriage between the house and the outdoor environment and can draw inspiration from either. Wood selection and finishes will play a big part in durability, as well as blending in the surrounding.

If you have the budget, adding built in seating, a pergola or a gazebo could create a significant feature out of your deck, and could create an entirely new way for you to entertain at home.

Build a deck for function

Above all else, a deck needs to be practical. Building a deck is not an exercise to undertake lightly, so try and squeeze every last bit of utility out of your design. Could your deck border your pool? Perhaps you have a steeply sloped yard - a platform deck will make this space more usable. Underneath an elevated deck can also be a great place to lay a floor, and surround with walls to create a seamless storage area for garden utensils or left over building materials.

If you are planning a renovation, or taking out a home loan to purchase a do-up, talk to a resi loan specialist today to secure your future.

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