Home renovations blog: Stay warm in winter and cool in summer

By the resi financial blog team, 08 October 2014

Home renovations blog: Stay warm in winter and cool in summer

There's nothing worse than stepping into your house and feeling stifled by heat or frozen with cold. But there are several ways in which to make sure the internal temperature of your house is where it should be.

There are some small things that can be done for immediate effect, and there are also more permanent solutions that may require a bit of renovation to your home. The nice thing about the big fixes is that they not only solve the problem, but can add value to your house in the long run, which can only be better for your pocket.

It's the little things...

We all know that sometimes small changes can have huge effects. If your house is damp or mouldy, a dehumidifier could mean easier breathing for children with asthma, and fewer days off sick from work.

Heaters may also be a must during the colder, damper months. Choosing the right heater for your home could make a massive difference to your power bill, so make sure to research which options would best suit your home and your budget.

Most electric heaters are equally efficient, converting all of the consumed electricity into heat. When choosing an electric heater, think about things like safety and room size. A large room with big doors and windows won't benefit much at all from a wall-panel heater.

Longer-term solutions

An air conditioner that can produce both hot and cold air in regulated incremental amounts can effectively heat a few rooms, and are much more applicable for large rooms and open plan areas. Work an air conditioner into your renovation budget and you'll find your entertaining area becomes much more enjoyable.

Always look for energy efficiency ratings on appliances to save on your bills, and reduce environmental harm.

Insulation is another must, and it's not only for the walls and ceiling. If you have a wooden floor with a cavity underneath, as is common in older villas or between storeys, under floor insulation will greatly reduce the inflow of cold air and loss of heat through cold flooring.

Bullet-proof environment control

If you have the budget to completely revamp your house, or are actually in the process of building, you may want to consider some of these options for heating and cooling, and keeping the air in your home fresh.

Solar energy panels on your roof may sound a bit drastic, but it could make a huge difference to your home in the long run. Aside from making your home greener, solar-heated water and other solar-powered devices can seriously save your pocket.

A home ventilation system in the roof cavity is pretty much the ultimate solution and will not only help with the internal temperature control of your home, but will force stale air out of your house and inject fresh air from the outside.

Combined with effective insulation and double-glazed windows, you're bound to be perfectly cool or warm year round.

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