Selling your old home

By the resi financial blog team, 09 September 2013

How do I sell my home

Whether you’re upsizing to accommodate for a growing family, downsizing after adult children have left or relocating for a new job, when it comes to finding a new house, many of us still have our old ones to worry about selling. This can cause stress when you're on the search for a new property, so it's best to ensure that this is dealt with as easily and smoothly as possible.

While everyone would love to get as much as they can for the sale of their old home, it is not always possible. So when looking for a new property it’s important to keep this in mind and to not overcommit before you know the sale price of the old home.

According to new information from RP Data, quicker home sales have resulted in lower levels of vendor discounting. This highlights the importance of pricing your property correctly to suit the market, to ensure that it garners a good level of buyer interest.

"Getting the price right in the first place is imperative - you can sell quicker and move on to your next property. Holding out for a better price tends to ultimately result in a greater level of discounting," said RP Data researcher Cameron Kusher.

"One of the greatest challenges for vendors is whether to accept an initial offer on their property or whether holding out for a better price is a better strategy."

When trying to sell your old home, it may be a good idea to pay attention to the advice given to you by your real estate agent. They are industry professionals, and have a lot of experience with negotiating with prospective buyers - so they have a wealth of useful information under their belts.

You should also speak to a resi loan specialist about our bridging finance to help you with the transition.

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