Home renovations blog: Top tips for dining room renovations

By the resi financial blog team, 12 September 2014

Dining room tips

One area that is often neglected when it comes to home renovations is the dining room. In lieu of the more exciting rooms like kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, people forget that there is often a lot of time spent in the dining room. Whether it's for eating dinner as a family, spreading out your workload to create a station for yourself or simply spending a few moments to relax with a cup of tea - your dining room is an important space that should warrant equal attention during a home renovation. 

If you've settled on your renovation loan and are looking into potential ideas for your dining room. Here are some tips that could help revitalise your dining room and make it one of the key attractions of your property. Friends and family alike will find themselves excited to come dine with you in your renovated dining room - making your home the envy of the neighbourhood. 

Open the space up

Often, dining rooms can suffer from too much furniture and not enough open space. One of the easiest ways to solve this issue is to invest in a new dining room set, something that takes up less room and has a certain chic style to it. Another thing to consider is installing some windows into the space. After all, natural light - when combined with neutral paint colours - can do wonders for making a space appear bigger and less claustrophobic. 

Another trick is to install mirrors across the space. With the room reflected, it can make people feel like the dining room is larger and deeper than it actually is. These are just some of the options to help you make the room appear more spacious. 

Rustic wonders 

Upcycling and using second-hand furniture is a popular option for many home owners and renovators. Visually, the effect created when you combine a modern, sterile paint palette with an antique dining room set is stunning. 

The great thing about choosing this look is that often the furniture itself is extremely cheap, making it perfect for those renovating on a budget. This look can be accentuated by some clever painting throughout the space as well. Consider a feature wall that compliments the furniture in the room. This will help it stand out even more against the other neutral walls in the room. 

Patterns can be fun too

As more people begin to adopt these clean paint styles, one thing that's making a comeback are subtle patterns to accentuate a room. For example, having striped venetian blinds or a chequered table cloth adds a splash of geometry into an otherwise stark space.

These injections break up the monotony just enough to make your dining room an engaging space. These are just three renovation ideas that could help to breathe new life into your home. Get in touch with the team at resi today to discuss the finance options for your renovation goals! 

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